About A. M.


A M Blaushild is a fantasy author who really, really likes angels. At 15, A M wrote ‘Angel Radio’, and by 16 had sold it to a publisher. Before University, A M self-published ‘Good Angel’, and in A M’s final year, ‘Bad End’ was released.

Beyond this, A M is a book reviewer with a particular interest in LGBT+ genre fiction and indie books, and write thorough reviews on A M’s book blog… though A M’s big thing is probably setting out to read every single 2010s era YA angel para-ro out there. You will find no better expert.

A M attended Bath Spa University for a Publishing and Creative Writing degree, and got top marks- never below a 1st creative writing classes (that’s good, for those outside the UK). A M graduated with honours.

Hullo, it’s me. Here’s my more casual about: I’m an author who likes angels. I am chronically quite ill and mentally not great. I am a semi-professional pigeon wizard and play a lot of tabletop RPGs. I do art and get obsessed over bad books. I dress like a mad person and my pronouns are he or she. I don’t have an agent, and obviously, that’s in need or changing (wink). I live in Bath, UK, but am from Vermont and my heart is torn in two by that.